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Our Data Partners

Docket Navigator

An IP litigation information provider.

“Our alliance with InQuartik offers Docket Navigator’s customers access to Quality Insights reports — addressing a wide range of possible invalidity defenses – while working in the Docket Navigator platform. Now researchers can explore a patent’s litigation history and identify potential invalidity defenses using a single tool. ”

Darryl E. Towell, CEO of Docket Navigator


An FTO workflow management platform.

“InQuartik’s Quality Insights platform stood out and impressed us immediately with carefully-thought-out capabilities that demonstrate their deep wealth of industry experience.”

Gabe Sukman, CEO and Co-Founder, ClearstoneIP


A business information and solution provider.

“Patents are the most important and effective intangible assets when it comes to evaluating and auditing companies. Thanks to the partnership with InQuartik, SkyMinder’s users can now gain in-depth insights into the patents of companies worldwide.”

Fabio Lazzarini, International Development B2B Services Director of CRIF


Our Enterprise Partners


A professional IP services group.

“By leveraging AI and Big Data, Patentcloud helps us to improve the efficiency and quality of our services throughout the patent lifecycle, enabling us to help our clients to secure global IP business opportunities.”


A consultancy specializing in patent M&A and investment.

“Patentcloud provides a wide range of patent analytics tools and timely data that greatly assists us in advising our industry-leading clients on generating value from their patent assets.”


An IP and international business law consultancy.

“Patentcloud offers curated and comprehensive patent data to support critical IP decision-making. With the help of Patentcloud, we can ensure quality outcomes and outstanding results for our clients.”

Piece Future

An IP investment bank

“InQuartik’s Due Diligence platform and patent quality ranking, together with our unique in-house dynamic market patent valuation system, Valuation360, provides a powerful combination to multinationals to help them manage and commercialise challenging portfolios. The consolidation has helped many clients uncover multiple hidden gems in their patent portfolios and has generated numerous returns from their investments.”

Jason Loh, CEO and Co-Founder, Piece Future


Our Marketing Partners

Unified Patents

The entity that deters abusive NPEs.

The InQuartik-Unified Patents partnership presents the cutting-edge analytical solution for patent validity analysis with an international membership network that aims to build a more efficient patent ecosystem through patent validity checks.


The business intelligence platform

“InQuartik’s complete suite of Patent tools have helped many large and small-medium sized businesses easily validate their patent portfolios with just a few simple clicks. The data is very comprehensive and the tool is affordable for smaller companies and first-time users.”


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