SEP OmniLytics

Looking for quality 5G SEP data and analytics?

We were, too, but we couldn’t find anything that gave us clear explanations of the data used. So we created SEP OmniLytics, the only place where you can find curated, cleansed, and standardized SEP data from the ETSI IPR database, enriched with insights and intelligence.

Work with only exceptional data.

The ETSI IPR database offers limited data, so how can you see the big picture and conduct accurate analyses? SEP OmniLytics fills the void with its comprehensive and trustworthy data.

Quality data

SEP OmniLytics’ data is curated, cleansed, standardized, ware-housed, verified, integrated, and analyzed under the most stringent criteria.

Comprehensive integration




Essentiality & Relevancy Check

SEP OmniLytics’ exclusive Essentiality Ranking brings you the most objective and intuitive indicator for evaluating the essentiality of SEPs — further supported by the Automated Claim Chart.

Essentiality Ranking

Through mapping a SEP’s claims to 3GPP technical specifications, SEP OmniLytics’ exclusive Essentiality Ranking rates the essentially and relevancy of a SEP.

Get a quick overview of the overall essentiality of a SEP portfolio or a specific SEP to decipher those that need further expert analysis.

Automated Claim Chart

Evaluate a SEP’s TS relevancy through claim chart mapping. Can the critical keywords in the technical specifications be found in a SEP’s claims? Is the SEP truly relevant to its declared TS and therefore essential?

SEP OmniLytics’s Automated Claim Chart provides a direct view of the mapped claim chart with just one click.