Design Search

Design patent search, all it takes is a simple drag and drop.

Design patents protect the look and feel of an invention—so why use text to find them? Enter Design Search, the world’s first image-based design patent search tool.

Find design patents faster
than ever before.

Conventional design patent search is inefficient at best, total chaos at worst: generic keywords, ambiguous search results, and the wrong search scope. Design Search incorporates AI-powered image recognition technology so you can search for design patents in their own language, increasing accuracy and speed.

When compared to conventional keyword searches, Design Search saves 90% of your time.


Time saved

As simple as 1-2-3.

All you need to get your design patent search started is an image.

1. Drag and drop

Pick an image from the patent’s drawings, product photos, or even prototype renderings, and drop it into Design Search.

2. Define the search scope

Refine your search queries with filters such as the Locarno classification, keywords, assignee, application date, issue date, and patent office. What used to be the standard, is now optional.

3. Get results and dive deeper

Designs that are similar to the uploaded image (and within the search scope, if you defined it) are listed. Click on any item to start a brand new search without needing to upload any new images.

What else?

Additional features that will help you shave off more time.

Six views of the patent drawings

Inspect all the standard views of a patent’s drawing.

Side-by-side comparison

Spot the differences between your image and similar designs.

Image inspection

Enlarge and rotate any image to check its features in detail.

Patent list export

Export up to 100,000 patents to an Excel file with customized data fields.

The world’s major patent offices, at your service.

Design Search’s database includes the world’s major patent offices: USPTO, JPO, EUIPO, and CNIPA. On top of that, our AI double-checks the legal status and current assignee data to make sure that what’s on your screen is always up to date and accurate.