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Free Guide To Avoiding Amazon Design Patent Infringement

Free PDF Guide For Amazon Sellers

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What’s In The Guide?

Our team of design patent infringement experts have put together the ulimate guide to avoiding design patent infringement, especially for Amazon sellers. Our guide gives insight in to design patents, infringment, consequences, and tools to avoid the risk all together. We have answered the most popular questions that many Amazon sellers ask on a daily basis.
Our free guide covers the following and much more:

  • What Is a Design Patent?

  • What Is Design Patent Infringement?
  • Damages You May Face for Design Patent Infringement
  • What To Do If You Receive An Amazon Design Patent Infringement Notification
  • What Is a Design Patent Search and Why Is It Important?
  • Real-Life Design Patent Litigation Case
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Conducting a Design Patent Search
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Tips For Avoiding Design Patent Infringement While Selling on Amazon

  • If you find a hot product on Amazon, use Design Search by Patentcloud to see if the product is patented. If it isn’t, why not patent the design yourself or make it your private label product!
  • If your listing or design infringes, performing a design around to put it right.
  • Quickly check if your product idea or design infringes upon someone else’s design patent before listing it on Amazon with Design Search by Patentcloud.

Avoid Design Patent Infringement

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