ClearstoneIP and InQuartik Corporation Announce Their Alliance to Provide In-Depth Patent Validity Analysis for Freedom to Operate (FTO)

September 25th, 2020 ‧ 3 min read
  • The alliance will allow Clearstone FTO users to obtain comprehensive validity reports for U.S. utility patents on the Clearstone FTO platform.
  • The new feature will include a summary count of §102/103 references as well as the proprietary Patent Quality and Value Rankings.
  • With deep analytics and metrics, users will be able to conduct thorough patent analysis within one integrated platform.

Taipei, TW/Palo Alto, CA | September 25, 2020 — InQuartik​ Corporation​, a global leader in providing patent analytics and solutions backed by timely and complete patent data, announced today with ClearstoneIP, a centralized freedom-to-operate workflow management platform, that it has signed a cooperative agreement to form a new and exciting alliance to provide in-depth patent validity analysis for Freedom to Operate (FTO).

Patentcloud’s Quality Insights will be integrated into the Clearstone FTO management platform to provide users with instant access to patent quality analysis — streamlining the patent clearance process.

For years, Clearstone FTO has been a trustworthy and intuitive web platform, purpose-built for patent clearance and FTO processes. With Quality Insights’ comprehensive patent validity reports, users will be able to make informed FTO decisions and build strategies by efficiently evaluating a patent’s strength.

“With the foundational workflow processes in place in Clearstone FTO, we sought opportunities to add value to our customers’ patent clearance reviews by partnering with analytics providers. Y.P. Jou and InQuartik’s Quality Insights platform stood out and impressed us immediately with carefully-thought-out capabilities that demonstrate their deep wealth of industry experience.”

— Gabe Sukman, CEO and Co-Founder, ClearstoneIP

Clearstone FTO users may activate a 7-day free trial that includes 100 free Quality Insights reports by signing into Patentcloud using their Clearstone FTO account. The integration will allow Clearstone FTO users to:

  • Browse a timeline of the prosecution and post-grant proceedings history;
  • Map the claim terms to the patent’s specification to identify potential § 112 issues;
  • Map the claim terms to the patent’s prosecution history to identify narrowing amendments, plus any § 102 and § 103 issues;
  • Identify potential prior art using proprietary analytics features, including the prior art of family members, the prior art of cited references by examiner or petitioner, and AI-powered semantic prior art across the IP5 and WIPO;
  • Generate a claim chart by using the one-click claim chart feature — Prior Art Analytics;
  • Search through office actions and post-grant proceedings documents.

“Nowadays, companies can easily sell and ship their products to every corner of the world. As e-commerce is becoming more and more important in the post-pandemic era, these companies now face greater risks related to FTO. By forming this alliance with Clearstone FTO, we believe that its users will benefit from this integrated analytics platform and reduce the risk of patent infringement.”

— Y.P. Jou, Founder and CEO of InQuartik

About ClearstoneIP

ClearstoneIP helps innovators accelerate patent clearance and product development with a centralized freedom-to-operate workflow management platform that builds leverageable institutional knowledge. Clearstone FTO is infused with industry best practices, enabling in-house legal and technical teams to collaborate with each other as well as outside counsel in a context-aware environment built specifically for managing the FTO process.

About InQuartik

InQuartik is an IP intelligence company dedicated to converting patent data into actionable insights and delivering AI-driven solutions. With a database of over 100 million patent documents from 90+ countries, InQuartik is an industry leader. Throughout the entire patent lifecycle, InQuartik supports IP professionals and law firms through its platform ​— ​Patentcloud ​— enabling them to work smarter, live better, and gain more success.

ClearstoneIP Contact:

Gabe Sukman, CEO

InQuartik Contact:

Bob Chen, Director of Marketing & Business Development

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